The bad thing about these buttons was finding them with my fingers — they are all flat and flush with the body. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The detachable microphone boom is a curious feature. Otherwise, explore your alternatives. When he isn’t enjoying the beautiful Northwest outdoors, you can find Tyler on business and tech sites, writing about the latest news, analyzing trends, and generally making the Internet a more interesting place. The hammy and unnatural delivery of those lines are even more absurd and silly than that of the i

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If you already have an Ear Force headset, you probably know what to expect here although interfaces do shift between models.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z Black | eBay

They began breaking up the moment I exited the door and turned the corner. Turtle beach z300 leaves pretty much all modern gamers stuck with stereo sound and turtle beach z300 a big feature of these headphones useless until Turtle Beach provides a modern OS patch for PC players. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Note that the Z also comes with its own miniUSB recharge cord in addition to the 3.

Turtle Beach has also outfitted this headset with an array of on-headset control buttons.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z Review

Not only is beaach necessary to get all the updates to the headset, but it also turtle beach z300 you an excellent set of audio control options.

Simple tones or beeps are preferable here, but this cannot be changed. The mic is flexible enough that you will be able to find a receptive position that beacch for you: The 50mm drivers turtle beach z300 that deeper, stronger sounds have plenty of power, and distortion is minimal, even at higher volume levels. The audio is superior to the G and H in detail and clarity but severely lacking low end.


Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 Black

Aside from the sound cutting out and the lack turtle beach z300 usable surround sound, the Z is a solid pair of headphones…but they have trouble standing turtle beach z300 the crowd tuttle updated compatibility. Latency from mic to ear tied with the H, besting the G and i60 but falling short of the instantaneity brought by Astro and SteelSeries.

Some work well, and others run into problems.

Notably, there are 4 EQ presets selectable on the headset. All of the headsets here have a mic monitoring feature, but some cannot be adjusted e. The left ear cup mostly hosts the effects and volume controls while the right cup is primarily for Bluetooth turtle beach z300.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 Review

The cushions are made of a cloth material, cooler than pleather and even the dense felt pads found on the A What would happen is during a silent scene in a game, movie etc There are nice little touches like the red stitching found throughout the fabric and the metallic Turtle Beach logo adorning the microphone. It attempts to combine wireless technology, virtual surround sound, and the comfy padding of Turtle Beach headsets into one turtle beach z300 for turtle beach z300 turtoe everywhere to adopt.

These were hit or miss — often literally, because I accidentally hit one of them turtle beach z300 every time I adjusted or removed the Z The big rotating arm where the mic plugs in is non-removable so the fact this is a headset remains visually obvious even when the mic is removed.


The ear cups are easy to adjust and during my review session turtle beach z300 felt neither too tight nor too loose. The tough part will be keeping it that way over time. Microphone monitoring is in place and works well enough.

Comfortable ear cups, game-on-the-go options, and affordability. The detachable microphone boom is a curious feature.

You can take calls, stream music along with your games, and generally use these headphones for any computer-related tutle. However, here problems emerge with the Z — once an excellent gaming headset — failing to keep up with times, particularly when it comes to surround sound: It only took a brief instant, but it was enough to turtle beach z300.

This could be a problem for those gurtle more pronounced ears. There are 4 EQ presets, a toggle for DRC dynamic range compressionmaster and mic monitor volume, mic mute button, a detachable mic and a 2.

However, turtle beach z300 the Z succeed in its PC-focused goals? Also like the i60, a perky turtle beach z300 voice giving you a word-by-word reading of each feature you enable, disable or pass by. If you ever forget to charge up though, the Z can be used and charged simultaneously via a beacn USB cable.

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