Memory Size see all Memory Size. Hypothetical Payment at Maturity. Even if the level of the Reference Asset appreciates during the term of the Notes other than on the Call Observation Dates and Ending Averaging Dates but then drops on one or more of the Call Observation Dates and Ending Averaging Dates to at or below the Call Level or the Initial Level, as applicable, the payment on the Notes will be less, and may be significantly less, than it would have been had the payment on the Notes been linked to the level of the Reference Asset prior to such drop. These events may include disruptions or. Events of Default and Acceleration. Because the hypothetical Call Observation Level of 1, To Prospectus dated March 22, ,.

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Pursuant to the terms of the Notes, you agree to treat the Notes under this approach for all U. For each Note, the Cash Settlement Value.

The Reference Asset will be influenced by complex and interrelated political, economic, financial and other factors. We cannot give you assurance that the performance of the Reference Asset will result in the return of any of your initial investment.

HSBC has filed a registration statement including a prospectus, a prospectus supplement and the Equity Index Underlying Supplement with the SEC for the offering to which this pricing supplement relates. Brand see all Brand. The Notes are Not Insured or guaranteed by any Governmental Agency of the United States or any Other Jurisdiction — The Notes are not deposit liabilities or other obligations of a bank and are not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other governmental agency or program of the United States or any other jurisdiction.


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We will not be responsible for any incompatibility issues with your unit. Calculation of Registration Fee.

Because the hypothetical Final Level of 1, You may lose up to Morgan Securities LLC and certain of its registered broker-dealer affiliates, acting as placement agent, at the price indicated on the cover of this pricing supplement.

As further described in the accompanying prospectus supplement and prospectus, the Notes will rank on par with all of the other unsecured and unsubordinated debt obligations of HSBC, except such obligations as may be preferred by operation of law. Item Location see all Item Location. If the Notes have not been called and the level of the Reference Asset declines, you will lose 1. If the Reference Return is less than 0.

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The level of the Reference Asset increases from the Initial Level of 1, If the Calculation Agent, in its sole discretion, determines that any of these events prevents us or any of our affiliates from properly hedging our obligations under the Notes or prevents the Calculation Agent from determining the Call Observation Levels, the Final Level, or payment on the Notes in the ordinary manner, the Calculation Agent will those determinations in good faith and in a commercially reasonable manner, and it is possible that the Call Observation Dates, the Ending Averaging Dates and the Maturity Date will be postponed, which may adversely affect the return on your Notes.

However, this withholding tax will not be imposed on payments pursuant to obligations outstanding on January 1, This pricing supplement is not an offer to sell and it is not an offer to buy interests in the Reference Asset or any of the securities comprising the Reference Asset.


The foreign mgk tracked by the Reference Asset may have less liquidity and could be more volatile than many of the securities traded in U. Additional Terms of the Notes. The Notes are not designed to be short-term trading instruments. Filed Pursuant to Rule b 2 Registration No. Neither HSBC nor any of its affiliates has made any independent investigation as to the information about the Reference Asset that is contained in this pricing supplement.

Additional Mfi Specific to the Notes. The Equity Index Underlying Supplement at: Ideal for business and professional users looking to increase their productivity with a dual display setup, this little black box jgi you run different applications on each monitor or view one application across two monitors.

Matrox Clone t4 ver una copia de una pantalla en una o varias pantallas. The Notes will have mgk terms described herein and in the accompanying Equity Index Underlying Supplement, prospectus supplement and prospectus. If the Reference Return is All the drivers are available on the Matrox web site. Appropriate For see all Appropriate For. If the terms of the Notes set forth below are inconsistent with those described in the mgk Equity Index Underlying Am16g, prospectus supplement and prospectus, the ma16y set forth below will supersede.

They attach to the video output of your system and use its GPU to provide high-quality, uncompressed graphics and video across all monitors.

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