All three feel and look so much better than products that are available here. The slide out numeric keypad has a more conventional feel, with alternate keys being shiny or dull to give a chequerboard effect. When the phone is opened you could see the camera lens and the LED flash. The body is almost entirely constructed of black plastic with a glossy finish, but clever design and construction gives a solid feel to it. Display, telephony, UI, phonebook. As for the stylish retail package, the box should include a stereo headset, a pouch, a neck strap, a MP3 remote control with a 3. What is more the touch pad is automatically deactivated when the slider is closed.

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The manufacturer advises not to touch the touch pad with metallic objects and never to use it with wet fingers and even wipe moisture from the touch pad if there is some because otherwise it might damage the sensors.

We would have admired the fact that the manufacturer allows you to use high-quality headphones if you want to if it wasn’t for the mediocre capabilities of the MP3 player kg00.

LG KG800 pictures

I have a motorola rizor which is also a sliding phone, so I will compare the two products. The propriety power jack doubles as an audio output for a tasteful pair of earphones and remote control that are thoughtfully included.

Stunning design Touch sensitive keypad Cons: In fact the opening of the phone feels very pleasant and its smooth surface definitely adds up to that feeling. It’s no wonder that this phone has become a style icon.

LG Chocolate KG great phone I love this phone, it’s very sleek, I think it will be one of the more popular phones for the next several months from its many functions and great styling. When we saw the handset for the first time, sliding out of its LG branded black velvet pouch, we were amazed at how thin it looked.


Everything You Need Lb Know. The bundled headphones also aren’t great, but it does come with a headphone adaptor cable which includes a standard 3.

LG Chocolate (KG) – Wikipedia

The seductive glossy finish is a nightmare to maintain in our tropical weather. But enough of that, let’s get back to our review.

The Chocolate can appear as a USB memory card to your PC, so copying music, pictures and video clips between the two is simple as long as you are comfortable moving files around on your computer.

The KG is a mysterious thing concealing a screen and a heat sensitive touch pad that glows red to show kg exactly where to gently press.

Display, telephony, UI, phonebook.

The motorola also connected without kb800 extra steps to the internet. That’s one of the reasons for calling the phone The Chocolate. The LG KG Chocolate could have made its debut on a catwalk – ‘Sexy’ simply sums up the phone with its classy looks and sleek body. The phone we had was a test sample so we should warn you that there might be some differences to og800 final version, though this software version behaved perfectly alright and we didn’t stumble upon any obvious bugs.

If you decide to leave the key lock off, which we did, the touch pad is again deactivated when you close the slider but you gk800 activate it back again and even browse the menu while it is closed by simply pressing twice the side volume key.

LG KG800 Chocolate review

The newly revealed numeric part of the keypad is crafted in a great way and is really easy to use. The phone features an innovative touchpad which is used for menu navigation and it’s kt800 wonderful piece of design which really adds to the classy overall feel of the handset. As with any new phone, it takes some time to become acquainted with its peculiarities. If they had a kg80 band phone it would be the only phones that I would buy. Back panel view The battery cover is hard to disengage in fact.


Lack of memory 1.

LG KG – Full Phone Specifications, Price

The phone is mainly targeted at a market niche of expensive designer phones which have the main purpose of mg800 their owners from the general crowd. Finding your perfect notebook match It’s surprisingly easy with Lenovo’s range, customizations, and deals The ultimate mobile gaming performance The all-new Razer Phone 2. Show More Show Less. Good Phone, But be Wary.

And as such it should be viewed in its own right taking into account its marketing specifics. So if you are one of the people out there hoping that LG KG might turn out as the next Walkman competitor or the next beat-’em-all camera phone, we only have 2 words for you: This is a good phone; it has a sleek interface, appealing graphics, and it makes a noise like a door creaking when you slide it open. Otherwise when you don’t use the phone all lights go out and in order to check for missed calls, received messages or simply for what time it is you should open the slider.

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