What device do you have plugged into it? I heard a few da-ding chimes as new devices were recognized but finally a da-dah error chime as the device was not recognized. No Comm Ports Visible. I’m going to replace it tomorrow. Hi Alexander, I am facing exactly the same issue. Today i could find your comment and the job is done.

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Now you can enable your networking and resume life as normal. Make certain your document is v1. I hope you can help me since I do not have any idea what I could have done wrong. In order to prevent it from being reinstalled, you must disable your wired and wireless networks before completing the next steps. To try to solve your issue, might Usb-to-uarh suggest cy7c64225 usb-to-uart you plug in your Zedboard to cy7c64225 usb-to-uart PC that you installed the cy7c64225 usb-to-uart new Cypress driver.

UART driver does not work on new PC | Zedboard

I tried updating the driver but that did not seem to help. Community Projects View Projects. Hi, The current version of the instructions for Zedboard are located cy7c64225 usb-to-uart this page: I’ve been usb-yo-uart to install this on a clean machine. Finally this procedure worked for me: The virtual comport came up instantly, and the problem was solved.


Community Projects View Projects. With a stock test cy7c6225 image loaded on the SD Card, power on cy7c64225 usb-to-uart Zedboard. I haven’t gotten this to work with Windows 8.

I’m a little lost now. What you said was a great hint and worked for me. Again, for me, the FIRST time, it seemed to take my Windows 7×64 machine cy7c64225 usb-to-uart a minute before it recognized the board. I am cy7c64225 usb-to-uart it here in case someone stumbles across this thread here first. Community Usb-tl-uart View Projects.

This seemed to happen ONLY on the first try. Cy7c64225 usb-to-uart intentions are to use it mostly for hardware design udb-to-uart yes it has a interesting smell reminds me of soy-sauce.

So I manually installed the drivers like in the cypress CY7C usb-to-uart setup guide described several timescy7c64225 usb-to-uart the device is not recognized. Thanks for your ush-to-uart. Cypress Uart Problem Solved. Cy7c64225 usb-to-uart sure why you do not have.

Microsoft Certified USB UART Driver

The ZedBoard schematic can be downloaded here: Cypress has been able to. I would suggest turning off and disconnecting the ZedBoard and then reconnecting cy7c64225 usb-to-uart turning the ZedBoard back on. Hi Kevin, What you said was a great hint and worked for me.


I connected my zedboard in the pc. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here or do I allways have connected a monitor to the ZedBoard to communicate via cy7c64225 usb-to-uart cypress device? Community Projects View Projects. As long as I have cy7c64225 usb-to-uart open, it seems to recognize that the port exists.

Skip to main content. This was even though the board registered windows dah-dinged and the USB Serial Port device cy7c64225 usb-to-uart up.

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