Do no connect USB cable in the beginning. The patented detachable LED light module helps in positioning the document under the camera so as to give you the best possible image. For us, serving people, dedicated to society, and loving the earth is an important social responsibility, and we practice these core concepts through actions. The high quality 3. Friendlier Software The bundled AVerVision software is revamped for easier control in collaborating with interactive whiteboard during a presentation.

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For pricing options and packages, contact us at Avervidion cameras are generally used in classrooms and for giving presentations. NV – Digital Surveillance System.

The high quality 3. The AVerVision Software cannot detect the document camera. AVerMedia started in with its core business being avervisipn video products. Multi-function network digital video recorder.

There are distorted lines running across the presentation screen. Aside from the full line of TV Tuners and gaming recorder products, AVerMedia provides frame grabbers, streaming encoders and video systems for consumer and corporate markets.

There are distortions on my Presenter screen. The patented Laser Positioning Guide remarkably indicates the viewing area that aids the presenter in positioning the object under the camera.

AVerMedia AVerVision 300af Portable Document Camera Overhead Projector Presenter

Its focus is not only to provide the most effective digital tools, but also to ensure a healthier environment while serving the avrevision as a whole. AVerMedia take action to protect the environment. If your camera has a Manual focus knob, manually adjust the focus by turning the focus knob located on the camera head.


Digital Video Surveillance System. To power on your camera again you will need to unplug the power cord and plug it back in. When this happens it means you have held the power button down too long when shutting down your camera. There is no computer signal on the presentation screen. 3300af all the connectors again as illustrated in the user manual. It does not require computer connection or networking and benefits teaching.

A document camera captures real-time images or documents and displays it to a large audience. Pressing power button does not power on the camera. If you are using a Laptop, make sure you set your laptop to Dual display mode.

In addition, the built-in memory allows presenters to capture and save up to 80 JPEG images for future reference or comparison. Then power-cycle your camera.

Make sure you have the most currently updated software, download list is found under Download tab. If adjusting the focus knob does not focus the image, please click here for instructions on how to fix the focus ring.


Then Power-Cycle your camera.

We actively make efforts on energy saving, carbon reducing and garbage sorting to implement energy-economization and garbage reduction. Do no connect USB cable in the beginning.

AVerVision AF Support: FAQ, troubleshooting, and downloads | AVer USA

AVerMedia is devoted to research and development of digital video technology while being committed to promote effective communication among people and enriching entertainment experiences.

Seamless Live Video The high 24 frames per second reduce blur or distortion significantly, which allow users to demonstrate proper handwriting, portrait painting or frog dissecting under the camera while maintaining exceptional video clarity. Set your camera to high frame to increase the screen refresh rate.

The enhanced USB transmission significantly reduces image blur or distortion when performing a live demo or using Annotation tools to add notes, overlay text, create drawings and highlight important details.

Instant Auto Focus Auto Focus saves time from the hassle in focusing the camera. Avervsiion Software The bundled AVerVision software is revamped for easier control in collaborating with interactive whiteboard during a presentation.

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