I have not seen even a hint of a problem yet. There is also an important consideration regarding the type of network adapter you select to use. The bisecting was entirely in commits that lacked the debian directories so I used the patches from http: I just accepted the defaults. So I used the netconsole to capture more data than could fit on the screen.

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The last one does have an image-extra. Where X, and Y are the first two numbers of the kernel version, and Z is the release candidate number if it exists. This proved to make a difference. Penalver penalvch on I had a look at the commit and it looks ok I have narrowed etherney further to these builds.

No upgrade log present probably fresh install Adjtek It worked fine for me with older distributions including Ubuntu The driver maintainer seems to be the same person, maybe they have some recollection that helps because the change itself does not enlighten me. Attached is the result of running sudo apport-cli -f -plinux –save bug.


Sorry for the delay in posting this. I guess this thread will be used to get the patch into mainline I wdmtek rebooted so I’m running the latest updates.

The adapter seems to be stable now. Once testing of the latest upstream kernel is complete, please mark this report Status Confirmed.

Although it’s possible to carry around a small WiFi admteo, it’s frequently more cost effective and convenient to connect the tablet to the wired connection directly. Views Page Discussion Edit History.

Microsoft Update Catalog

In testing, it has been found that the CPU on the tablet maxes out at approximate Mbps, well beneath the threshold of wired networks or USB connectivity. Helpful bug reporting tips: In the absence of a reply to my question, I tried downloading various binary kernels to at least narrow down the scope of the bisecting I’ll have to do. Then I’ll start the git bisect properly.

The bisecting was entirely in commits that lacked the debian directories so I used the patches from http: I have collected some information that might help.


Strangely, the USB dongle worked without that package but clearly there’s an interaction with something else that needs a module etehrnet that package. Installed on 67 days ago InstallationMedia: I just accepted the defaults. It took forever to actually show up. So this bug is much more recent than I originally anticipated. It ehternet lynx or links or something but Ubuntu’s website does not work with that browser.

USB to ethernet networking

Installed on 50 days ago InstallationMedia: Note that despite this output, the system continued to run just fine. Could you please do this following https: This bug affects 1 person. The package versions were: I’ve managed to fetch the saucy repo.

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